About TOP CITY-1

TopCity-1 is located within the natural boundaries of Kashmir Highway, Motorways M1/M2, and New Islamabad International Airport (NIIA). It possesses the most prime location of twin cities and is a home to major roads that provide connection of CPEC routes with NIIA. The main Kashmir Highway leading to the NIIA passes by TopCity-1 and connects to it via an exclusive interchange. Moreover, the Islamabad Metro bus extension will cater the commute needs of Top Citizens with its dedicated stop for the society. The 3 km long Thalian Interchange also connects the other end of TopCity-1 with NIIA, which benefits all the traffic from South and Central Punjab. All these perks of its prime location provide TopCity-1 an edge over its contenders and gives it a high commercial value.


You dreamt it, We built it

TopCity-1 is a project that from its very beginning was a dream to deliver you the best, which could comply with all the future challenges and modern lifestyle. The actual development of the project commenced in 2012 and by the grace of Allah Almighty it is now heading for its climax. This housing project promises to be the most reliable, luxurious and wonderful product a Pakistani could afford. The trend of luxury and modern lifestyle has really killed the earth without kindness but TopCity-1 among all the other contemporary housing schemes is the only one where luxury and eco friendly environment go hand in hand. The new extension to Islamabad, TopCity-1, is an elegantly planned housing scheme unlike anything witnessed before. It is an exclusive housing society that provides you all you have ever dreamed for. It is not just a place it is a city within a city that promises to deliver you the best housing option and in this regard TopCity-1 shall spend the maximum resources, skills and expanses to maintain the unprecedented development and dedicated management

Exclusive Lifestyle, Come home to the bounties of nature

Modern lifestyle is a blend of comfort in a luxurious manner and foreign lifestyle import but in an acceptable limit. TopCity-1 as a final product will be the outcome of hard work and fastest development process and the most advance facilities matching all the modern trends so that's for sure there are several good reasons for residing and investing in TopCity-1. One of the foremost is the opportunity to feel like being in the capital in the most affordable price.

Eco Friendly Living

Carbon footprint has become a global issue that has tremendously impacted the purity and clarity of our mother planet. Urban living has yet again its own pros and cons but at TopCity-1 we are providing a farmhouse environment with all the modern luxuries. It is not simple to go green as we are combating a major issue of pollution these days. We strive to find ways and means of providing our clients an eco friendly environment. We are making a complete eco friendly environment with and natural surroundings *Parks & Green Belts along the roads and streets *Water Bodies in the community *Preserving Natural Landscaping *Sewage Treatment Plant

Urban Utilities

Apart from 3D structures we pursue a policy of comfort for everyone. We have designed our project to make a difference where the members will enjoy reliable and trustworthy services. The basic commodities are supplied everyday but in a different way. *Uninterrupted Gas Supply *Underground Electricity *Water Supply *Water Drainage

Education Facilities

Education is one of the most important commodities we need. Unfortunately our country lacks the international standards of education in many areas. TopCity-1 never compromises on education. Schools and colleges matching the international standards are available in the vicinity so that your children are safe and secure. Moreover, you are away from the hurry to fetch them in the bulk of traffic. High standard and well-reputed schools are planned in every block. Modern technical educational and professional colleges with educated and experienced staff that will execute their duties with a promise to be dignified and honest to this profession. *High Schools *College and Universities *Technical and Professional *Education Institutes

Civil Infrastructure

We own each and every member of TopCity-1 as a family and so we are investing hugesome for infrastructure services to let this foundation survive for years without any hurdle and the members remain calm in regard to essential services and facilities. *Water Storage & Supply *Mini Dam *Roads *Pavement *Street Lights

Payment Plan

TOP CITY-1 Payment Plan

For booking and details please call us.

For booking and details please call us.